Garantia Announces Multi-Availability Zone Replication On Amazon Web Services For Redis And Memcached

Garantia Data recently announced multi-availability zone capability on the Amazon Web Services platform that allows customers to replicate instances across different Availability Zones with instant failover functionality, thereby allowing customers to protect themselves against service disruptions specific to a particular Availability Zone (AZ). Garantia specializes in offering enterprise-grade, NoSQL data stores to customers through the Redis and Memcached platforms. The recent announcement of multi-availability zone capability further enhances the enterprise-grade quality of its offering by guaranteeing the continued delivery of an application in the event of technical issues, natural disasters or other disruptions affecting a specific AZ. Garantia currently offers multi-availability replication of the in-memory NoSQL platforms Redis Cloud and the Memcached Cloud within the Amazon Web Services U.S. East region.

More generally, Garantia offers its Redis Cloud on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Heroku, Appfog and AppHarbor, whereas Memcached is offered on Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure. This week’s announcement by Garantia points to the proliferation of enterprise-grade, cloud-based NoSQL options over and beyond the likes of MongoDB, Cassandra and Berkeley DB.


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