Teambox Announces Availability Of On-Premise Solution Behind Enterprise Firewall

Today, Teambox announces the availability of an on-premise version of its popular cloud-based collaboration software. Driven by security and compliance considerations for customers that are not ready to host company data within cloud-based environments, Teambox’s on-premise solution provides all of the functionality of its collaboration platform behind the customer’s firewall. Customers access the on-premise Teambox solution using an internal URL that very closely resembles the access procedure for customers on the cloud-version. The key difference with the on-premise solution is that customers can leverage their own IT security protocols to ensure corporate compliance with the use of Teambox for data governed by regulatory protocols such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA. In an interview with Cloud Computing Today, Teambox CEO Dan Schoenbaum remarked that the on-premise solution had met with an overwhelmingly enthusiastic reception from the market such that it claimed several paying customers prior to its official launch. The solution is intended to render Teambox available to customers that are still in the process of migrating to the cloud but have yet to define their IT strategy in ways that accommodate the use of cloud-based applications hosted outside the purview of their firewall and data centers. Schoenbaum elaborated that business owners within enterprises are rapidly adopting Teambox as an alternative to SharePoint to increase collaboration and stakeholder engagement in user friendly, operationally simple and cost-effective ways.


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