Zenoss Survey Reveals Converged Infrastructure Solutions Are On The Rise

A recent survey by Zenoss indicates that converged infrastructures are gradually proliferating as the cloud-driven transformation of enterprise IT continues. Converged infrastructure refers to the pooling of hardware and software resources into an integrated unit in order to deliver optimal IT solutions to organizations. Converged infrastructures typically feature servers, networking infrastructures and IT automation solutions. Facebook, for example, leverages converged infrastructure solutions to enable one technician to manage more than 20,000 servers. IT organizations use converged infrastructures in order to simplify operational management, increase economies of scale and reduce costs as indicated by the following data points:

•30% of survey organizations claim to have operationalized a converged infrastructure solution
•51% of organizations are “considering” converged infrastructure solutions
•VMware, IaaS and Big Data projects have been the principal drivers of converged infrastructure adoption to date
•Technology companies lead converged infrastructure adoption by representing 28% of all adopters as compared to other industry verticals
•Enhanced automation, expedited delivery and increased agility represented the top 3 reasons that organizations chose a converged infrastructure solution

The survey was based on responses provided by 350 IT professionals. The infographic below provides more details of the survey results:

Zenoss Converged Infrastructure Survey


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