Puppet Labs Survey Confirms Emerging Popularity Of DevOps

Puppet Labs, a leader in the IT automation space, recently released its 2013 results for its annual DevOps survey. The results confirmed the arrival of DevOps as an emerging space within IT circles defined fundamentally by increased collaboration between development and operations resources and technologies. The survey was administered to over 4000 technology leaders in more than 90 countries spanning a wide range of businesses including startups, small companies and Fortune 500 enterprises.

Highlights of the survey include the following:

•Organizations that have implemented DevOps deploy code 30x faster than those which have not
•Code developed within a DevOps environment evinces 50% fewer failures and the ability to recover from failures by a factor of 12
•The rate at which code is successfully deployed increases the longer DevOps has been implemented within an organization

Organizations of all sizes are gradually implementing DevOps and attesting to dramatically improved results. Meanwhile, the HR space is witnessing a corresponding proliferation of DevOps-related career opportunities that are likely to continue to increase in the near future. In an interview with Cloud Computing Today, Puppet Labs CTO Nigel Kersten noted that DevOps technology requires culture change within software development departments in contradistinction to the facile implementation of technology for automating software deployments. As such, DevOps initiates a paradigm shift in software development that depends upon skill-sets that can both understand technical architecture as well as the complexities of operations and application ownership.

The survey and the corresponding detailed report suggest that DevOps has finally arrived. Puppet Labs, the survey’s author, stands at the forefront of the DevOps revolution by way of its IT automation products for streamlining the deployment of software and the provisioning of hardware. Puppet Labs technology allows system administrators to effectively manage increasingly heterogeneous IT environments featuring private clouds, virtual machines and public clouds, all of which collectively serve the needs of multiple and diverse constituencies. Puppet recently entered into a partnership with VMware that stands to position it strongly to rapidly accelerate its traction within the enterprise space.

Puppet Labs released an infographic that summarized the results of its DevOps survey as illustrated below:


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