Ravello Systems Launches Cloud Application Hypervisor To Facilitate Application Migration To Public Clouds

This week, Ravello Systems announced the launch of a service that renders it easier for enterprises to migrate applications to the cloud. Founded by the team that developed the KVM hypervisor, Ravello also announced the finalization of a second round of funding that brings its total capital raise to $26 million. Backed by Sequoia Capital, Norwest Venture Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners, Ravello intends to disrupt the cloud computing landscape by making available the industry’s premier cloud application hypervisor that specializes in virtualizing entire software applications and facilitating migrations from enterprise data centers to cloud environments and vice versa.

Ravello’s cloud application hypervisor is a Software as a Service application that allows customers to migrate applications to a public environment by following steps such as the following:

(1) Select Virtual Machines for migration to a public cloud

(2) Illustrate the configuration of an application by detailing relationships between the different virtual machines and specifying machine and network input parameters

(3) Deploy the application to public clouds from a drop-down that currently includes Amazon Web Services, HP Public Cloud and Rackspace

Customers have the ability to save and duplicate each virtualized application for A/B or multivariate testing or devops related configuration and deployment testing purposes. The application leverages Ravello’s proprietary HVX, a high performance hypervisor that can virtualize applications regardless of their on premise operating system. HVX requires no changes to an application’s structure and can deploy to any public cloud environment. Ravello’s technology also makes use of an IO overlay based on software defined networking that supports networking of any topology within any cloud. Additionally, the product uses a cloud application framework that enables the definition of application components and interface parameters in order to ensure the successful migration of the application to a public cloud environment.

Navin R. Thadani, SVP of Products at Ravello Systems, spoke of the significance of Ravello’s cloud application hypervisor technology as follows:

Traditional cloud management vendors have been positioning the cloud as a journey. That’s because with existing cloud management tools, it is. Ravello’s unique technology enables organizations to encapsulate multi-VM applications and deploy them instantly on any cloud without making any changes. Development and test is a classic use-case for developers to start using the public cloud today. We are pleased to open up our beta and look forward to working with the extended developer community.

Here, Thadani highlights the lack of configuration changes enabled by Ravello’s technology with respect to deployment to any cloud. The product facilitates the use of public clouds as ancillary environments for development and testing purposes and thereby stands to radically accelerate cloud adoption by the enterprise. Ravello’s cloud application hypervisor technology is now available in public beta.


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