Jelastic Adds PHP To Its Java PaaS Platform

Platform as a Service vendor Jelastic announced the availability of PHP hosting alongside its Java-based PaaS functionality on Tuesday. Jelastic is unique within the PaaS space because of its focus on rendering its technology available to Service Providers that in turn deliver cloud platforms for their customers. With its announcement of PHP support, Jelastic continues the trend within the PaaS space towards polyglot compatibility marked by the ability to support multiple scripting languages and database platforms. Jelastic’s platform boasts features such as ease of deployment, automated vertical scaling, high performance horizontal scaling, high security for server nodes and support for SQL databases such as MariaDB, PostgresSQL and MySQL and NoSQL platforms MongoDB and CouchDB. Jelastic currently partners with service providers in multiple geographies such as ServInt (U.S.), Rusonyx (Russia), dogado (Germany), Layershift (UK), Tsukaeru (Japan), Planeetta (Finland) and Websolute in Brazil. The company currently claims 30,000 Beta and paid users worldwide.


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