UserVoice and Crittercism Partner To Deliver Comprehensive Mobile App Customer Feedback Solution

Crittercism and UserVoice today announced a partnership that delivers a comprehensive infrastructure which empowers developers to obtain customer feedback and monitor the performance of their mobile applications. Developers can now obtain a 360 degree view of user activity, feedback, inquiries and application performance, all from the purview of an integrated application interface that melds the application monitoring and customer feedback platforms of Crittercism and UserVoice, respectively. The partnership responds to the rapid proliferation of mobile applications and the corresponding need, by the creators of such applications, to engage customers as well as to understand the frequency of application crashes and related performance metrics.

Under the partnership, Crittercism, an application performance management platform, collaborated with UserVoice, a SaaS helpdesk and customer engagement solution that enables the makers of client server, SaaS and mobile applications to more effectively understand their user base’s experience of their software. UserVoice provides a structured framework for the solicitation and organization of customer feedback. UserVoice’s forums feature allows users to provide feedback and then vote on existing ideas related to that feedback or otherwise create a new idea as illustrated below:

Moreover, UserVoice’s Instant Answers solution structures the automated delivery of knowledge base articles in response to customer questions such that roughly 40% of questions are answered by a knowledge base article before they are sent to a help desk agent. The platform additionally facilitates competition amongst help desk resources for “kudos” designations from users by way of an integrated service desk resource dashboard. In addition, the platform features a collection of widgets, SDKs and APIs that can be directly embedded into a product to maximize the stream of customer feedback with a view to more effectively understanding user experience.

Richard White, CEO of UserVoice, commented on the partnership with Crittercism as follows:

Consumers today expect a seamless mobile app experience, and will often abandon an app based on continued crashes or other issues, especially if they aren’t able to quickly report and resolve them. With Crittercism, we are extending our customer communication, support and feedback capabilities to mobile app developers, giving them the most comprehensive, flexible and intuitive support solution for mobile applications.

The partnership with Crittercism enables UserVoice to deliver a more comprehensive customer engagement solution that additionally provides data regarding mobile app crashes and related technical issues. The resulting platform presents developers with technical and user experience-based data points from which to monitor application usage and performance with a view to iteratively refining their mobile apps. Importantly, the integrated solution offers ways of prioritizing customer feedback such that mobile app makers can effectively scale their help desk support resources as their user base expands. UserVoice mobile app support is limited to the iOS platform at present, although Android is on the UserVoice product roadmap for subsequent integration.


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