Jaspersoft 5 Release Features New Visualization Engine And Enhanced Analytic Functionality

On Tuesday, Jaspersoft announced version 5 of its business intelligence suite of reporting and analytics products that boasts significant enhancements to its analytic functionality in addition to a new visualization platform that provides a richer user interface for interacting with data.

The release features data virtualization capabilities that allow aggregations of data into a single, virtual data warehouse without an ETL job or the hassle of creating an actual data warehouse. Moreover, the product now delivers enhanced OLAP analysis that includes support for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. Meanwhile, Jaspersoft’s Advanced Reporting Functionality features conditional formatting and cross-tab sorting that goes beyond simple sorting, filtering and table formatting.

Brian Gentile, Jaspersoft’s CEO, elaborated on the significance of the web-based functionality of Jaspersoft 5 as follows:

The Jaspersoft 5 architecture delivers advanced visualization features much like Tableau, but entirely inside a web browser using HTML5. Our server is built with pure Java and open standards, and our architecture enables access to virtually any data source as well as easy deployment on-premises and in the cloud. In total, we provide a web-scale reporting and analytics platform that can be delivered inside of any business application or process, on all major devices, and at a fraction of the cost of any major competitor.

At an architectural level, Jaspersoft 5 features a “100% web-based embeddable architecture” that can be delivered inside an application or as a standalone BI product. Moreover, the application now delivers a rich visualization interface that empowers business users and data scientists alike to more intimately interact with visual representations of data by changing axes and obtaining additional detail on data elements of interest.

Cindi Howson, Founder and Principal Analyst at BI Scorecard, remarked on the new visualization capabilities and Jaspersoft 5 more generally as follows:

I’m most impressed by the new data exploration capabilities and the improvements to interactive reporting in Jaspersoft 5. Jaspersoft understands the full continuum of self-service BI and, with this release, gets some of the highest marks for interactive reporting of any of the vendors we cover.

As Howson illustrates, customers have ample reason to be excited about the new release. The data visualization capabilities illustrate the company’s commitment to business-level explorations of data that can be performed both by data scientists and business analysts with little in the way of explicit coding skills. Moreover, Jaspersoft 5’s web-based, embeddable architecture renders it one of the more flexible BI platforms in the industry and gives users a varied set of options with respect to its deployment within a multitude of IT infrastructures.

The charts below show some of the capabilities of Jaspersoft’s latest visualization interface, with the filters on the far right column and the data store representations on the far left illustrating some of the ways in which users can transform the current visual representation of data.

Jaspersoft Chart 2


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