Zenoss Survey Reveals Open Source Cloud Solutions Still Gaining Market Traction

Zenoss recently revealed the results of a survey about the state of open source cloud adoption based on a poll of more than 100,000 “community members” that engaged topics such as:

•Open source clouds deployed today
•Current open source implementations
•Aspects of an open source cloud that are important
•Decision drivers to migrate to an open source cloud

The survey also featured questions on Platform as a Service adoption amongst Zenoss’s community members that more generally examined the state of PaaS within the cloud landscape, whether from an open source vendor or otherwise.

Highlights of Zenoss’s survey about open source cloud adoption include the following:

•Only 17.2% of all cloud deployments are currently open source. If true, this figure means that OpenStack has a lot of work to do if it hopes to challenge the market dominance of Amazon Web Services and other proprietary cloud solutions. 17.2% constitutes a slender percentage of cloud installations, and OpenStack claims roughly 50% of that percentage according to Zenoss, meaning that its total market share in the cloud space is approximately 8.6%.

•Openstack leads the pack in terms of open source cloud deployments with more than 50.5% of surveyed installations. Cloudstack and Eucalyptus take second and third place with 18.3% and 9.2%, respectively.

•Even though OpenStack claims more than 50% of all open source cloud deployments, the race for market leadership in the open source cloud space still remains wide open. Despite all of the press OpenStack has received both regarding product releases and its Foundation, it still has yet to command the open source cloud market.

•Open source product maturity and lack of support were designated as the key factors mitigating against open source cloud adoption.

•Zenoss claims Google Apps leads PaaS adoption with 51.6% of the market in comparison to 18.7% for Microsoft Azure, 15.4% for VMware’s Cloud Foundry and 14.3% for Red Hat’s OpenShift. These results indicate that many of the other well known PaaS players such as Heroku or Engine Yard have either yet to gain significant traction in terms of numbers of installations, or otherwise that the survey fails to provide as granular a picture of the PaaS space as one might hope.

Data about cloud deployments is tough to come by, so kudos to Zenoss for conducting and releasing the results of this survey. The results of the survey should serve as a welcome point of reference for future debates and discussions about the state of open source cloud products within the larger universe of cloud software and platforms.

See the results of the survey below:

Zenoss Survey On Open Source Cloud Adoption


One thought on “Zenoss Survey Reveals Open Source Cloud Solutions Still Gaining Market Traction”

  1. A market share breakdown was overdue from this site. The last one was done on June 30, 2011. So this is great.

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