RackWare Delivers Automated Intelligence To Cloud Deployments With RMM

Santa Clara-based startup RackWare recently released version 2.0 of its RackWare Management Module as a premier offering within the rapidly growing cloud infrastructure space. The RackWare Management Module (RMM) enables enterprises to optimize their cloud deployments by adding “automated intelligence” to cloud infrastructures. The RackWare Management Module boasts solutions related to cloud Mobility and Elasticity. RMM’s Mobility solutions enable vendors to avoid vendor lock-in by facilitating the migration of platforms from one infrastructure to another, with minimal corresponding coding changes. Meanwhile, RMM’s Elasticity solutions help companies optimally manage workloads and resource consumption.

The RackWare Management Module features the following components:

AutoScaling functionality for datacenters, private and public clouds based on real-time metrics regarding load, usage and performance.

Automated “parking” and “unparking” of cloud hosts by powering down systems or reducing CPU power within hypervisor systems or minimizing resource consumption on bare metal servers.

Cloud Bursting
A specialized form of autoscaling, RMM’s Cloud Bursting functionality refers to scaling across heterogeneous cloud environments based on metrics gathered by the RMM monitoring engine or a load balancer.

A push-button, automated solution to move workloads between datacenters to clouds.

Sash Sunkara, RackWare’s CEO and founder, remarked on the value of RMM 2.0 as follows:

Today’s enterprise IT organizations need solutions that allow them to immediately benefit from deploying applications in the cloud within their current environment. The RackWare Management Module does just that. With RMM 2.0, users can take full advantage of the cloud without compromising their current investment in infrastructure and applications. And, once RMM is in place, it is easy to expand use of the cloud to increase cost savings to the business through greater availability and flexibility for application developers and users.

Here, Sunkara remarks on how RackWare’s Management Module enables enterprises to transition quickly to the cloud and optimize the corresponding deployment by enabling “greater availability and flexibility” for developers and users alike. Founded in 2009, RackWare’s customers include Macy’s, Amazon, Reuters and SunGuard. The company has been largely in stealth mode since its launch and is now gearing up to render its RMM cloud infrastructure offering available to a wider audience.


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