New Relic Monitors Application Speed With New Index and Dashboard

On Tuesday, New Relic launched an Application Speed Index that measures the performance of SaaS-based applications based on user data. The application allows organizations to compare “application performance, end user response time, application availability and error rate with that of their industry peers in real-time and trending over time.” New Relic’s Application Speed Index features an Application Speed Index Leaderboard that displays the fastest applications using New Relic by industry.

Customers that opt-in are compared against their competitors in one of the following categories:

• Blog
• CMS/Wiki
• Consumer Internet
• Ecommerce
• Marketing Site
• Mobile App
• Online Training & Collaboration
• SaaS (B2B)
• SaaS (Consumer)
• Social Networking
• Streaming Media
• Online Games

Participating customers receive a histogram of metrics such as end user response time and application performance, delivered daily, as measured against their peers. The application is enabled by big data aggregated from more than 25,000 New Relic customers and will be refreshed daily in a dashboard format.

New Relic plans to leverage its Application Speed Index to capitalize on its position as one of the leaders in data repositories about SaaS applications. Meanwhile, the Application Speed Index and its accompanying dashboards promise to inject volumes of data about application performance into the public domain in ways that are virtually guaranteed to affect the design and technical architecture of SaaS applications, in addition to igniting the debate about best practices for measuring application performance.


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