Pano Logic Releases System 6 To Help Enterprises Transition to Zero Client Desktop Virtualization (VDI)

Today, Pano Logic announced the release of Pano System 6 software that supports its zero client devices. The release of Pano System 6 makes it easier for enterprises to explore desktop virtualization options by means of the Pano Virtual Client, which turns PCs and laptops into virtual desktop endpoint machines. The Pano Virtual Client empowers enterprises that have made commitments to using PCs and laptops to enable desktop virtualization functionality on those machines in addition to deploying Pano Logic’s zero clients. Moreover, Pano System 6 boasts enhanced security options for remote desktop virtualization for Pano Remote users. With Pano System 6, Pano Remote now features RSA SecureID authentication using a key fob that further protects the security of remote devices that are connected to Pano Logic’s virtualization infrastructure.

Pano Logic’s CEO John Kish commented on the transition to desktop virtualization by suggesting that cloud computing was ushering in a “post-PC world” wherein “server computing” allowed enterprises to connect thin or zero clients to servers with desktop virtualization software:

“Organizations are marching steadily into a post-PC world and with gathering speed. But as with any radical change, many IT managers need a period of transition to prepare themselves, their users and their environments to support server-based computing. The Pano Virtual Client helps facilitate a staggered rollout and lets a host of new organizations immediately begin centralizing computing on the Pano System and taking advantage of the most cost-effective desktop virtualization solution on the market.”

Kish underscores how the Pano Virtual Client empowers organizations to make a gradual transition to desktop virtualization while implementing desktop virtualization immediately, nevertheless. As noted in today’s press release, desktop virtualization “eliminates endpoint support and maintenance” and paves the way for the use of zero clients that save as much 97% in power as compared to PCs. Because of their lack of processing functionality, zero clients also function more hardily in rugged manufacturing environments than devices with fans and processing devices that react adversely to harsh environmental conditions marked by heat and dust. Pano Logic’s zero client devices are differentiated from many of the other zero clients on the market because they more fully embody zero processing functionality than their competitors owing to the use of specific data transfer and communication protocols.


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