Totango Promises To Increase Revenue For Customers Of PaaS Vendor Engine Yard

Platform as a Service vendor Engine Yard has added a new participant to its Add-ons program in the form of Totango, a “cloud-based customer engagement platform.” Totango will help Engine Yard’s customers monetize applications they create using its PaaS platform by providing tools to increase conversion rates, boost customer engagement and retention as well as increase customer lifetime value. Totango provides insight about customer engagement with cloud-based applications in addition to marketing campaigns tailored to the specifics of an application’s customer base and its purchasing behavior. Moreover, Totango provides customers with Appbox.js, a javascript application that allows creators of software applications on Engine Yard’s platform to communicate directly with their customers. Totango’s partnership with Engine Yard illustrates yet another cloud market niche in the form of applications that provide insight into more effective monetization channels for cloud-based applications. Startups and developers in particular will benefit greatly from visibility into customer behavior and correspondingly tailored marketing campaigns designed to increase conversions and grow a customer base for PaaS-based applications such as those created within Engine Yard’s platform.


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