ActiveState Launches Stackato 1.2 PaaS With Enhanced Resource Sharing And User Access Control

On Tuesday, ActiveState launched yet another mini-release of its PaaS Stackato platform in the form of Stackato 1.2. Stackato 1.2 gives customers greater control and flexibility over their deployments. For example, Stackato 1.2 provides customers the ability to leverage “file-system-dependent applications like Drupal CMS to share storage between multiple instances.” Moreover, Stackato 1.2 features enhanced app store functionality such as one click deployment of selected applications from the management console. Jeff Hobbs, ActiveState’s VP of Engineering and CTO remarked that “Stackato 1.2 is all about control”:

It’s the only Cloud Foundry-based PaaS solution to offer group and user-specific controls, a powerful tool for enterprises looking to maintain transparent oversight of cloud application development and deployment processes. With Stackato 1.2, IT administrators can set memory, service and application quotas for individual users, or even groups.

Yesterday’s release highlights an aggressive development roadmap in 2012 for Stackato marked by support for OpenStack, Linux KVM and Citrix XenServer and the general availability of a Stackato PaaS platform that can deploy applications on “any language, any stack” and “any cloud.” Enterprises that are wary of public clouds can take advantage of Stackato’s ease of deployment to create a private cloud with performance monitoring technology from New Relic and, as a result of the 1.2 release, the capability to more finely monitor access controls amongst their constituent users at either an individual or group level. The release of Stackato 1.2 marks an exciting moment for PaaS given that the space is suddenly beginning to come of age as revealed by the open-sourcing of Red Hat’s OpenShift code on Monday.


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