ActiveState Integrates With Appsembler To Streamline Commercialization Options For Developers

ActiveState announced that Stackato, the PaaS platform for any cloud, any stack and any language, has been integrated with Appsembler, the platform for commercializing web applications. Stackato’s integration into Appsembler enables Stackato users to more effectively commercialize applications developed using the Stackato PaaS platform. Appsembler manages billing, payment processing and online storefront setup for developers seeking to monetize their software applications. Moreover, Stackato’s integration into Appsembler features the ability for developers to deploy applications on Appsembler that leverage “one-click deployment environments for Django, Pylons, Pyramid, Bottle, Flask, and other Python frameworks.” ActiveState CEO Bart Copeland commented on the integration with Appsembler by noting: “Appsembler’s hosted service is a great technology fit for Stackato. It showcases Stackato, and how it enables developers to move from code to cloud to revenue generation, simply, safely, and quickly. The Appsembler integration is only just the beginning for Stackato. We continue to innovate and we continue to see great customer adoption. We look forward to building on that success to strengthen Stackato’s technology leadership position in private PaaS.”


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