Rackspace Partners With Redapt To Deploy OpenStack Based Private Clouds

Rackspace has partnered with Redapt to deliver Rackspace Cloud: Private Edition, featuring deployment of an OpenStack-based private cloud offering in addition to support. Under the partnership, Redapt will deliver hardware installed with OpenStack that conforms to Rackspace’s infrastructure specifications. Redapt will perform all hardware-related integration testing off customer premises such that the “hardware will arrive at a customer’s data center of choice in as few as 14 days after ordering, needing only power and network connectivity.” While the Rackspace Cloud: Private Edition is based on Rackspace’s customized version of OpenStack, the San Antonio based company is looking forward to offering support for other deployments of OpenStack from vendors that similarly deliver commercial OpenStack deployments. Partnerships with other commercial OpenStack distributors would allow other vendors to take advantage of Rackspace’s legendary support services while increasing their distribution channel. Meanwhile, Rackspace’s partnership with Redapt illustrates the commercial interest in enterprise grade private clouds based on the OpenStack cloud operating system.


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