Nimbula Announces Nimbula Director 2.0 With VMware ESXi Support

On Monday, Nimbula announced Nimbula Director 2.0 with a markedly enhanced version of its cloud operating system software for public and private clouds. The platform features enhanced capabilities to integrate with third party software in the form of storage repositories, PaaS platforms, cloud security and management applications and other software. Notably, Nimbula Director 2.0 supports the VMware ESXi hypervisor and VMware Cloud Foundry PaaS. The platform also boasts improved application lifecycle management capabilities involving the ability to automate the provisioning of applications and monitor application performance over the duration of their operation. Nimbula Director 2.0 is currently in Beta and debuts in general availability mode in March 2012. With this release, Nimbula dramatically expands the flexibility of its operating system by way of its support for Cloud Foundry and VMware’s ESXi hypervisor. Customers can now integrate a pre-existing PaaS platform with Nimbula’s IaaS cloud operating system. Nimbula Director 2.0 appears to have hit upon an increasingly common theme in contemporary IaaS branding, namely, the delivery of the performance and scalability of a public cloud for private clouds of varying sizes and development needs.


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