Citrix Announces General Availability Of Citrix CloudStack 3 For Public and Private IaaS Clouds

At CloudConnect on Monday, Citrix unveiled the general availability of Citrix CloudStack 3, a platform developed for public clouds that, in this version, Citrix is making available to small, medium-size and large organizations alike. Enterprises seeking to deploy private clouds can take advantage of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) technology that “brings the power of true Amazon-style clouds to customers of all sizes.” One of the key components of Citrix CloudStack 3 is its optimization for either the XenServer or Xen hypervisor, even as it supports KVM, OVM and vSphere. Citrix claimed the importance of its optimization for Xen hpervisors by noting that four of the five world’s largest public clouds, Amazon, Rackspace, GoGrid and Softlayer, similarly feature either XenServer or Xen as their preferred hypervisor. The other notable feature of Citrix CloudStack 3 concerns its integration with OpenStack Swift, or OpenStack Object Storage, for the purpose of storing large amounts of data. Current CloudStack customers include Datapipe,, IDC Frontier, Nokia Research and Zynga. Citrix CloudStack 3 strives to deliver all of the functionality of an enterprise-grade, public cloud to private cloud customers of all sizes in a hypervisor-agnostic environment that is nevertheless optimized for the Xen hypervisor.


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