Cloudscaling To Launch OpenStack-based Product For Large Private Clouds

Cloudscaling, the cloud computing consulting company that specializes in the deployment of cloud infrastructures in accord with customer specifications, will be changing its business model to offer a product alongside its consulting services. The product in question will be an OpenStack-based cloud operating system with all of the features and functionality required to deliver large enterprise deployments. According to GigaOM, Cloudscaling expects to target the higher end of the scale when it comes to enterprise deployments of OpenStack by focusing on “customer-facing clouds from carriers and MSPs, Internet applications from companies like Facebook, and entirely new applications within large enterprises.” As such, Cloudscaling will focus its new offering on OpenStack-based, large enterprise private clouds in ways that allow it to differentiate itself from vendors such as Nebula and Piston Cloud Computing. The product, branded Cloudscaling OCS (Open Cloud System), will feature Open Cloud OS, an OpenStack-based, enterprise grade cloud operating system in addition to Hardware Blueprint, which contains hardware specifications and blueprints for the deployment in question. Cloudscaling will provide further details about Cloudscaling OCS at the Cloud Carrier Forum in Santa Clara, California on Monday.


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