Akamai Acquires Blaze Software For Undisclosed Fee

Akamai today announced the acquisition of Blaze Software, a front end optimization (FEO) company that specializes in the optimization of website content for the purposes of accelerated website delivery. Blaze’s cloud-based technology complements Akamai’s website acceleration portfolio by providing it with tools to optimize the delivery of rich, complex website content. Because websites increasingly feature rich content across a number of media, Blaze’s technology helps Akamai deal with the varied challenges specific to the optimized delivery of website content to PCs, tablets and smartphones. Michael Weider, CEO of Blaze, explained Blaze’s contribution to Akamai by noting: “Our technology is aimed at reducing the number of requests required to load a page, reducing the size of each request, and improving the browser rendering experience for our customers. Combining our technology with the global Akamai platform is a big win for customers who are increasingly looking to take performance optimization to the next level.” Blaze was founded in 2010 and is based in Ottawa, Canada. Akamai’s acquisition of Blaze builds upon its December acquisition of competitor Cotendo for $268 million. The terms of Akamai’s acquisition of Blaze were not disclosed save for the detail that the deal was a cash transaction.


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