Piston Cloud Computing Partners With Opscode, Puppet Labs and Rightscale

Piston Cloud Computing, the first vendor to deliver an enterprise grade, commercial deployment of OpenStack, announced partnerships with Opscode, Puppet Labs and RightScale on Thursday. The partnerships empower Piston Cloud customers to streamline and automate management of their private clouds. The partnerships enhance Piston Cloud’s enterprise offering of pentOS™, the cloud operating system based on OpenStack, as follows:

Opscode Chef enables the automation of cloud infrastructure management tasks for virtual machines. Chef is the leading automation product for cloud management.

Puppet Labs facilitates the management of virtual machines marked by the orchestration of complex tasks across heterogeneous IT infrastructures.

RightScale enables the automation of cloud management with enterprise offerings in the areas of “user access, server security, resource usage and budgeting.”

Speaking of the partnerships with Opscode, Puppet Labs and RightScale, Joshua McKenty, CEO and co-founder of Piston Cloud Computing, noted: “Automation and orchestration are key to realizing the operational efficiencies of private cloud. By supporting solutions like Opscode Chef, Puppet Enterprise and RightScale myCloud, Piston Cloud’s customers have the ability to rapidly deploy and automate their applications within an OpenStack-powered environment.” Piston Cloud’s announcement of its partnerships with cloud management vendors comes roughly two weeks after its declaration of the general availability of Piston Enterprise OS™ on January 18. Piston Enterprise OS promises to disrupt the enterprise cloud computing landscape by providing the industry’s first OpenStack-based operating system dedicated to cloud security and streamlined management of the private cloud.


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