Microsoft Committed to Support For Hyper-V With OpenStack

According to an IDG news article by Nancy Gohring, Microsoft Corporation is committed to supporting Hyper-V with OpenStack. Microsoft apparently released a statement claiming that it is “committed to working with the community to resolve the current issues with Hyper-V and OpenStack.” Microsoft had pledged support for Hyper-V in OpenStack deployments in October 2010 through a partnership with, but since then failed to support development of the OpenStack code supporting Hyper-V. Microsoft announced its commitment to supporting Hyper-V after OpenStack developer Thierry Carrez suggested removing support for Hyper-V from the forthcoming Essex release of OpenStack because the code was “broken and unmaintained.” Joshua McKenty, CEO of Piston Cloud Computing, Technical Architect of NASA’s Nebula Cloud Computing Platform and member of OpenStack’s Project Policy Board, remarked that he knows of no “production deployment” or “active development deployment” of Hyper-V in the OpenStack community. Microsoft has yet to release a more complete elaboration of its position on support for Hyper-V in OpenStack. The Essex release of OpenStack is scheduled for the second quarter of 2012.


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