Russian Venture Capital Firms Set To Fund U.S. Technology Startups With Non-Social Media Focus

The Russian Venture Company (RVC) and RTP Ventures, two Russian venture capital firms, have recently created offices in the U.S. and intend to invest heavily in software, hardware and technology without a social media focus. The Russian Venture Company (RVC) has offices in Back Bay, Boston and Menlo Park, CA whereas RTP Ventures is based in NYC. RVC-USA is headed by CEO Axel Tillman and has the dual goal of guiding U.S. startups and venture capital to Russian markets in addition to introducing Russian engineering talent to the U.S. based companies. RVC-USA is expected to be within the range of $50-$80 million and plans to make investments of $1–$3 million starting in August. RTP Ventures, the personal fund of billionaire Leonid Boguslavsky, is managed by serial entrepreneur and Greycroft Partners venture capital veteran Kirill Sheynkman. In a blog post, Sheynkman remarked that the focus of RTP Ventures “will be early-stage, Series A software and internet companies that have technology and innovation at their core. B2B, SaaS, cloud, big data, analytics, infrastructure, enterprise — these, in my opinion, are markets underserved by the current swarm of consumer internet investors. And these are exactly the investments that we are going to do.” RTP Ventures launched in October 2011 with $100 million in funding and an additional $600 million for later stage investments.


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