PaaS Vendor DotCloud Partners With Web Programming Language Opa

DotCloud, the Platform as a Service vendor, announced a partnership with Opa, the web development language produced by MLstate. Under the terms of the partnership, DotCloud and Opa will deploy Opa@DotCloud, a platform that offers an integrated environment for programming web applications. Opa@DotCloud features two products: (1) DotCloud, a platform for software development that facilitates the deployment of web-based applications; and (2) Opa, a powerful new programming language designed for web application development. Opa boasts the integration of its programming language with its web server, database engine and distribution libraries. According to the press release, the tight integration between all of the components of its technology stack enables superior performance and security. The combination of Opa and DotCloud in Opa@DotCloud delivers the programming power of Opa within the flexibility of DotCloud’s PaaS environment. Henri Binsztok, CEO of MLstate, the company that developed Opa, remarked that “existing web development tools have not evolved as fast as the applications in terms of user experience.” Whereas web application developers typically have to worry about scaling and data replication issues, Opa@DotCloud promises to resolve such setup concerns by providing a development environment that allows developers to concentrate on building stylish, powerful web applications.


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