KVH Selected by Tokyo Stock Exchange for “Market Impact View” Dashboard

The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) today announced its selection of KVH IaaS as the cloud computing platform to deliver a Beta version of “TSE Market Impact View,” an information delivery service that provides visual analytics to investors and interested market participants. The TSE Market Impact View responds to an investor’s most recent order as stored in FLEXFull, the market information system used by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. TSE Market Impact View delivers a graphically rich representation of an investor’s order over time and, as such, leverages the ability to load and process large volumes of financial transactional data in real-time.

Tokyo-based KVH brands itself as an Information Delivery Platform that delivers IT solutions that empower clients to store, access and transmit information. KVH’s services leverage a combination of cloud IaaS services as well as traditional data center hosting options. The company’s infrastructure boasts four data centers in Tokyo and Osaka that collectively deliver the lowest latency connection to major Japanese stock exchanges such as the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), the Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE), Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) and the Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX). Alongside the announcement of its selection by TSE for the “TSE Market Impact View,” KVH today disclosed an expansion of its low-latency network to include a connection in Sydney that will facilitate high frequency trading on the Australian Securities Exchange.


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