HP Delivers Integrated Big Data Product To Compete With Oracle and Microsoft Big Data Appliances

At HP Discover in Vienna, HP provided details of Autonomy IDOL (Integrated Data Operating Layer) 10, a Next Generation Information Platform that integrates two of its 2011 acquisitions, Vertica and Autonomy. HP acquired Vertica in February and Autonomy in August. Vertica features a data warehousing and analytics platform known as the Vertica Analytics Platform that specializes in the high speed analysis of large-scale structured data sets. The Vertica Analytics Platform boasts real-time loading and querying that minimizes the time-lag between data loading and the delivery of business intelligence insights. Moreover, the Vertica Analytics Platform features analytic optimization tools that deliver maximum performance while minimizing the need for manual adjustments from users. Vertica also claims bi-directional connectors to Hadoop and Pig for the purpose of managing “big data” in structured form.

HP’s acquisition Autonomy complements Vertica by providing a platform for the processing of unstructured data such as video, audio, social media, email and web-related content and search results. Autonomy IDOL 10 features the following attributes:

• Autonomy’s capabilities for processing unstructured data
• Vertica’s ability to rapidly process large-scale structured data sets
• A NoSQL interface for loading and analyzing structured and unstructured data
• Solutions dedicated to the Data, Social Media, Risk Management, Cloud and Mobility verticals

HP’s Autonomy IDOL 10 competes with its own more specialized Vertica and Autonomy products, in addition to Oracle’s Hadoop and NoSQL Big Data Platform and Microsoft’s forthcoming Hadoop-based, Big Data appliance. Hadoop represents the common thread between all three Big Data products even as non-Hadoop based Big Data products such as HPCC from Lexis-Nexis gained publicity this week with the announcement of the availability of its ETL platform on the Amazon Web Services EC2 infrastructure. Autonomy IDOL 10 is available worldwide as of December 1, 2011.


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