Karmasphere Partners To Offer Big Data Analytics on Apache Hadoop-based Hortonworks Data Platform

Big Data player Karmasphere announced plans to join the Hortonworks Technology Partner Program today. Karmasphere’s partnership with Hortonworks is set to further stoke the embers of the emerging battle between Cloudera and Hortonworks for control of market share in the Hadoop distribution space. The partnership enables Karmasphere to offer its Big Data intelligence product Karmasphere Analytics on the Apache Hadoop software infrastructure that undergirds the Hortonworks Data Platform. As a result of the Hortonworks collaboration, Karmasphere will receive technical support, training and certification on Apache Hadoop deployment. Karmasphere’s partnership with Hortonworks represents its second major business partnership announcement this month. On November 1, the company announced a relationship with Amazon Web Services whereby its Big Data analytics would be available through the Amazon Elastic MapReduce service. Karmasphere’s partnership with Amazon Web Services to deploy its Big Data analytics applications on Amazon Elastic MapReduce allows enterprises to investigate a pay as you go solution for Big Data intelligence without the commitment of a long term subscription or initial capital investment in technical infrastructure.


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