MarkLogic 5 Features Hadoop Connector For Enhanced Big Data Analytics

With the November 1 release of MarkLogic 5, MarkLogic consolidated its position in the Big Data space by announcing support for Hadoop, the Apache open source software framework for analyzing massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. For over a decade, MarkLogic has delivered analytics that enable actionable intelligence on data for organizations such as JP Morgan Chase, Lexis Nexis and the U.S. Army. MarkLogic 5 features a connector for Hadoop that integrates Hadoop’s capabilities for processing petabytes of data with MarkLogic’s proprietary applications for analyzing Big Data. In addition to a Hadoop connector, MarkLogic 5 includes enhanced capabilities to store, tag and analyze textual data and digital interactive media. The latest release of MarkLogic also features superior database replication capabilities and functionality for monitoring the performance of enterprise level Big Data installations.

The release of MarkLogic 5 testifies to the explosion of commercial interest in non-relational databases for storing and mining unstructured data. Microsoft’s Big Data platform plans to integrate Hadoop with Windows Server and Windows Azure, with connectors to SQL Server 2012. Oracle, meanwhile, recently revealed the basic components of its Big Data appliance that features Hadoop in addition to its Oracle NoSQL database.


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