Elastica Partners With Cisco To Bring Data Science Driven Cloud Security To The Enterprise

Cloud application security vendor Elastica recently announced a partnership with Cisco that allows Cisco to resell Elastica’s Cloud Access Security Broker solutions to its customers. The partnership between Elastica and Cisco gives Cisco customers access to Elastica’s CloudSOC portfolio which includes IT risk assessments, deep visibility regarding live cloud application traffic and the ability to detect risky actions on the part of enterprise employees. Elastica’s Shadow IT risk assessment enables customers to prioritize risk ratings of applications in addition to analytics on cloud application usage within an organization. Meanwhile, Elastica’s Shadow Data analytics provide insight into data governance and compliance-related risks with a view toward providing direction regarding how improved data governance and renewed approaches to IT compliance can mitigate an organization’s overall IT risk. Another core Elastica CloudSOC product offering provides deep insight into live cloud application traffic and user activity by leveraging machine learning and semantic technologies that can identify compromised user accounts, high risk transactions and threatening user accounts by means of a proprietary, algorithmic ThreatScore. Elastica’s cloud application security solution draws upon cloud application API data via Elastic securelets that connect to the backend of cloud applications, live cloud application data regarding networking traffic as well as usage patterns and log data from third party security solutions. Elastica’s partnership with Cisco complements solutions such as Cisco’s Cisco Cloud Web Security (CWS), Web Security Appliance (WSA) and Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance by providing deep visibility into analytics related to the security of SaaS and cloud applications more generally. Moreover, Elastica stands to gain access to Cisco’s expansive channel of customers while Cisco benefits from the data science expertise that Elastica brings to the conversation regarding cloud security. Expect to hear more about Elastica as its partnership with Cisco deepens and fuels accelerated product innovation in collaboration with the needs of its evolving customer base.

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CenturyLink Acquires Database As a Service Vendor Orchestrate

Cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solution provider CenturyLink has announced the acquisition of Portland-based Database as a Service vendor Orchestrate. Orchestrate provides a database as a service platform specifically engineered for rapid application development. Orchestrate delivers multiple databases that allow developers to “store and query JSON data” in ways that empower developers to integrate geospatial, time-series data, graphs and search queries into applications without worrying about managing the operations of the databases themselves. Ochestrate’s ability to provide a portfolio of NoSQL databases means that CenturyLink customers stand to enjoy enhanced abilities to build high performance, agile, big data applications for use cases that involve real-time streaming data, internet of things use cases and mobile applications. CenturyLink’s acquisition of Orchestrate complements its recent acquisition of predictive analytics vendor Cognilytics as well as the launch of Hyperscale, its high performance cloud instance offering designed for big data and computationally intensive workloads. The acquisition of Orchestrate illustrates the increasing confluence of cloud and Big data product offerings as vendors increasingly seek one platform to fulfill their infrastructure, application development, data storage and analytic needs.

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Avere Systems Partners With Google Cloud Platform To Deliver Hybrid Clouds For Compute And Storage Intensive Workloads

On Monday, Avere Systems announced a partnership with Google that empowers customers to transfer large data sets and workloads to the Google Cloud Platform. The collaboration between Avere Systems and Google means that companies can now transfer data from NAS storage systems to the Google Cloud Platform to enjoy the benefits of the scalability and performance of the same infrastructure that powers Google search, Gmail and Google Drive. Avere FXT Edge Filers technology from Avere Systems allows customers to run storage and compute workloads both on premise and in the cloud, thereby creating a hybrid cloud infrastructure optimized for cloud bursting scenarios and compute-intensive workloads. Avere Physical FXT Edge Filers deliver NAS for on-premise, file-based applications whereas Virtual FXT Edge Filers provides a software solution that manages a high performance storage infrastructure within a cloud-based platform. The combination of Avere Physical and Virtual FXT Filers allows customers to deploy solutions on premise and in the cloud while delivering high performance and low latency for big data applications. Because of its ability to support compute-intensive workloads and massive storage requirements, Avere Edge Filer technology has enjoyed notable success within the media and entertainment industry as evinced by its usage by the visual effects studio Framestore. The ability of Avere Systems to support the massive computational and storage needs of digital media and entertainment-related use cases strongly positions Avere Systems to support the needs of organizations that need to create a compute and storage intensive hybrid cloud infrastructure in collaboration with Google Cloud Platform.

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Soha Systems Finalizes $9.8M In Series A Funding For Multi-Layered Cloud Security Solution

Cloud security vendor Soha Systems recently announced the finalization of $9.8M in Series A funding led by Andreesen-Horowitz, Cervin Ventures, Menlo Ventures and Moment Ventures. The Soha Cloud establishes a line of defense against threats to cloud security by routing all incoming network traffic to the Soha Cloud. The Soha Cloud creates a multi-layered security barrier between a customer’s cloud-based infrastructure and internet-based intruders. By leveraging multi-factor authentication protocols to ensure that end users have appropriate credentials and authorization, the Soha Cloud identifies and remediates threats before they have the opportunity to interact with the designated cloud infrastructure. Capable of configuration in 15 minutes, the Soha Cloud security solution is compatible with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware vSphere, VMware vCloudAir and the OpenStack platforms. The platform’s ability to support a multitude of well known cloud platforms out of the gate points to the maturity of the Soha Cloud technology at such an early stage of the company’s trajectory and underscores the ease of implementation of a solution that promises to enhance organizational compliance, security and auditing practices.

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Niara Finalizes $20M In Series B Funding For Its Stealth Security Solution

Stealth security analytics company Niara announced the finalization of $20M in Series B funding led by Venrock with additional participation from New Enterprise Associates and Index Ventures on Thursday. Niara specializes in analytics for IT security that identify and remediate cyber attacks and their attendant root causes. Niara’s analytics have the ability to bridge siloed datasets in order to obtain a holistic solution to IT security that can identify security breaches, develop solutions tailored to the heterogeneity and evolution of threats and prioritize potential threats for investigation. By performing analytics “across disparate data sources,” Niara delivers a 360 degree view of an infrastructure that recognizes the variety and volume of sources of threats using nuanced analytics against historical data. The Sunnyvale-based company leverages a combination of advanced analytics and forensics to mitigate security-related risks and enhance the productivity of security, compliance and risk mitigation teams. Today’s capital raise brings the total funding raised by Niara to $29.4M. Precise details of the Niara solution remain scant although the cybersecurity space should expect to hear more details of its security solution in forthcoming months, particularly given the $20M Series B infusion of cash that is likely to fuel both product development and sales and marketing operations. The larger point worth noting, however, is that cloud security is a hot space for VCs and investors, particularly as the proliferation of infrastructure platforms, data frameworks and networking infrastructures converges to create increasingly complex IT amalgamations that require correspondingly more sophisticated security solutions to guard against systemic vulnerabilities as well as the diversification of threat sources and types.

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AlienVault Announces Native Cloud Security Support For Amazon Web Services

AlienVault today announced that its security management platform is now generally available, natively, to protect infrastructure deployments on the Amazon Web Services platform. AlienVault’s Unified Security Management (USM) platform supports AWS by means of a SaaS application that specializes in threat identification and resolution. Core capabilities of USM include asset discovery, vulnerability assessments, threat detection and behavioral monitoring. AlienVault collects data from devices, applications, networks and other infrastructure components to build a catalogue of knowledge about an organization in order to detect aberrant behavior as well as security violations. Crowdsourced threat intelligence represents another key feature of the AlienVault platform that empowers security managers to leverage the insights of peer organizations to make informed judgments about the validity and severity of potential threats. With respect to Amazon Web Services, AlienVault begins by hooking into an AWS deployment to understand what instances have been spun up and how they have been related to one another. AlienVault subsequently performs a configuration assessment of the relevant AWS infrastructure to determine if it has violated best practices before unfurling USM’s core capabilities such as behavioral monitoring and predictive analytics-based threat intelligence. With today’s announcement, AWS customers stand to benefit from a security solution that delivers a high degree of visibility into the state of an AWS infrastructure with an easy to deploy solution that caters to the needs of mid-size organizations. Moreover, AlienVault USM bolsters the ability of organizations to maintain compliance with internal and third party protocols and subsequently gives organizations another control framework that they can use to manage IT-related risks, particularly as those risks relate to public cloud via AWS.

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Sponsored Post: Eltima Software Releases FlexiHub that enables sharing, accessing and managing remote USB devices over network

Eltima Software presents a new product – FlexiHub. This innovative solution allows users to share, access and manage remote USB devices via Internet/LAN

Eltima, a leading developer of USB sharing solutions for over 10 years, releases a new product – FlexHub, an innovative software that allows access and management of remote USB devices via Internet.

Our solution works as a control panel for all USB devices connected to computers in a network, a single application to manage numerous USB ports and devices.

FlexiHub enables real time access to any USB device in a network, no matter where it actually is – in the office next door, in the neighboring state or across the globe. Disconnecting from the device is as easy as connecting to it – all it takes is a couple of clicks.

Benefits offered by FlexiHub technology:

  • Exclusive Technology of USB Sharing

FlexiHub uses unique mechanisms of sharing USB devices over Internet or LAN, so that the devices can be accessed and managed from remote machines. Now you can access a USB dongle plugged into your home PC from your office laptop or connect to a USB device shared by your colleagues for remote debugging.

  • Absolutely Secure Connection

FlexiHub deploys advanced security for communications – 256-bit SSL encryption. It enables extra layer of protection for data transfer, so you do not need to worry about losing your data while using USB devices remotely.

–   Private Communication Server

Since FlexiHub can send traffic through its own Redirection Server, your computers do not necessarily need a real IP address. Though your local computer will not directly “see” the other computer with the USB device plugged into it, FlexiHub still enables you to connect to the device remotely and use it.

  • Traffic Compression

Traffic compression during USB data transfer helps speed up interaction with certain types of USB devices and reduce Internet traffic usage. This comes handy when you use USB devices that transfer data in uncompressed format, e.g. scanners. You can choose between best speed and best size traffic compression depending on your needs.

For further details visit http://www.flexihub.com/.

FlexiHub pricing:

FlexiHub is available in 4 subscription plans: free, basic, professional and business. For details see http://www.flexihub.com/prices/.

FlexiHub is available for download here – http://www.flexihub.com/download/flexihub.exe

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