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Databricks Closes $33M In Series B Funding And Launches Databricks Cloud Powered By Apache Spark

Databricks, the company founded by the team that developed Apache Spark, recently announced the finalization of $33M in Series B funding in a round led by New Enterprise Associates with existing participation from Andreessen Horowitz. The company also revealed plans for commercializing Apache Spark by means of the newly launched Databricks Cloud that simplifies the data pipeline for data storage, ETL processing and thereupon running analytics and data visualizations on cloud-based Big Data. Powered by Apache Spark, the Databricks Cloud leverages Spark’s array of capabilities for operating on Big Data such as its ability to operate on streaming data, perform graph processing, offer SQL on Hadoop as well as its machine learning functionality. The platform aims to deliver a streamlined data pipeline for ingesting, analyzing and visualizing Hadoop-based data in a way that dispels the need to utilize a combination of heterogeneous technologies. Databricks will initially offer the Databricks Cloud on Amazon Web Services but plans to expand its availability to other clouds in subsequent months.

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Actian Announces “Right To Deploy” Pricing Model Marked By Freedom From Vendor Lock-In For Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics vendor Actian today announced the availability of customer-friendly pricing options that render it easier for customers to take advantage of its analytics platform for Apache Hadoop. Actian’s latest pricing options feature “capacity-based and subscription models” in addition to a Right to Deploy option that confers an expanded range of flexibility regarding deployment options for the Actian Analytics Platform. The Actian Analytics Platform delivers actionable business intelligence and advanced data visualization for Hadoop-based data that takes advantage of the platform’s proprietary predictive analytics algorithms and low latency. Moreover, the Actian Analytics platform’s Hadoop SQL Edition provides a SQL compliant Hadoop analytics platform that allows users to perform data discovery, data profiling and analytics via SQL in contrast to MapReduce. As of today’s announcement, Actian’s Right to Deploy option allows customers unlimited usage of the platform for a period of one, two or three years in addition to the right to use whatever has been deployed, forever. The Right to Deploy choice represents a particularly attractive option for customers that anticipate significant expansions in their business that dictate the need for enhanced infrastructure and application scalability. Moreover, the Right to Deploy option gives customers freedom from vendor lock-in by empowering customers to use their deployments whether they continue to partner with Actian or choose another vendor for their Hadoop analytics needs. Actian’s simplified platform pricing offers some of the greatest flexibility regarding Big Data analytics in the industry, in a red hot space marked by an increasing number of vendors large and small. That said, few vendors have streamlined and simplified the process of operationalizing Big Data analytics in a way that lays out programmatic approaches to obtaining meaningful analytics on Hadoop that vary in conjunction with the specific use case in mind. Expect increasing competition in the Hadoop analytics space to drive more and more vendors to differentiate themselves from the pack, although the main task, for the industry at large, consists of delivering a turnkey solution for big data analytics featuring machine learning-based, best practice recommendations for extracting meaningful analytics from massive, ever increasing amounts of data.

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Trifacta Partners With Hortonworks To Certify Trifacta Data Transformation Platform On Hortonworks Data Platform

Trifacta today announced that its Trifacta Data Transformation Platform has been certified for use with Hortonworks Data Platform 2.1 (HDP) by means of the Hortonworks Certified Technology Program. The certification ensures the compatibility of the Trifacta Data Transformation Platform with the latest Hortonworks Data Platform and thereby positions Trifacta’s technology to integrate with enterprise-grade deployments of the Hortonworks Hadoop distribution. Today’s announcement further validates the value of the Trifacta Data Transformation Platform as a technology platform that facilitates the derivation of actionable business intelligence from Hadoop by rendering it easier for analysts to visualize and engage with Hadoop-based data in conjunction with machine learning-based suggestions regarding data transformations and analytics. Trifacta’s partnership with Hortonworks builds upon recent news of its $25M Series C raise and the finalization of an analogous collaboration with Hadoop vendor Cloudera. In March, Trifacta announced a partnership with Cloudera that ensures the compatibility of Trifacta’s Data Transformation Platform with the Cloudera Hadoop ecosystem.

Now that Trifacta has inked deals to certify its Data Transformation Platform with the two Hadoop market share leaders, Cloudera and Hortonworks, the Big Data space should expect enterprise deployments of its platform to accelerate as Trifacta solidifies its branding as the de facto platform for the transformation, cleansing and guided exploration of Hadoop-based data. The platform’s value proposition consists in the reduction of time to insight with respect to actionable business intelligence derived from Hadoop-based data, its ability to enhance analyst productivity and to iteratively deliver more nuanced guidance regarding data transformations of interest by means of its machine learning-based technology. Expect Trifacta to continue expanding its range of strategic partnerships in the forthcoming months as it leverages its recent funding to position itself at the forefront of enterprise technologies regarding the effective operationalization of Big Data.

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Concurrent Inc. Finalizes $10M In Series B Funding To Facilitate Use of Big Data

Concurrent Inc. today announces the finalization of $10M in Series B funding in a round led by new investor Bain Capital Ventures, with additional participation from existing investors Rembrandt Ventures and True Ventures. Salil Deshpande, Managing Director of Bain Capital Ventures, will join Concurrent Inc.’s board of directors as a result of today’s funding raise. The funding will be used to accelerate the development of Concurrent’s commercial product Driven as well as Cascading, the framework for developing and managing Big Data applications. Driven fills a critical void within the Big Data industry by providing customers with visibility regarding application performance on Hadoop while Cascading represents one of the most widely used frameworks for application development on Hadoop. Concurrent’s Series B funding raise comes hot on the heels of its elaboration of details regarding Cascading 3.0 and the announcement of partnerships with Hadoop vendor Hortonworks and Databricks. Scheduled for release in the early summer, Cascading 3.0 features support for technology platforms and computational frameworks such as local in-memory, Apache MapReduce and Apache Tez. Meanwhile, Cascading’s partnership with Hortonworks integrates the Cascading SDK into the Hortonworks Data Platform under the terms of an agreement whereby Hortonworks will certify, deliver and support the Cascading framework. Today’s funding raise provides further validation of Concurrent’s business model and empowers it to consolidate its early positioning as a leader in the Big Data space, with specializations in applications that streamline and simplify Hadoop application development and cluster management. With its new round of funding in hand, the industry expect Concurrent Inc. to obtain more traction around its flagship product Driven as it continues to innovate at the forefront of technology platforms that facilitate the effective operationalization of Big Data. Today’s Series B announcement brings the total capital raised by Concurrent Inc. to $14M by building upon a March 2013 Series A round of $4M.

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Trifacta Raises $25M For Big Data Transformation Platform That Enhances Analyst Productivity

Trifacta, the data transformation company, today announced the finalization of $25M in Series C funding. The funding round was led by a new investor, Ignition Partners, with additional participation from existing investors Greylock Partners and Accel Partners. As a result of the investment, Frank Artale, Managing Director of Ignition Partners, will join the Trifacta board of directors. The Trifacta Data Transformation Platform enhances the productivity of data analysts and scientists by transforming Big Data into a structure that renders it easier to analyze, visualize and manipulate. The Trifacta platform’s predictive interaction technology allows users to visualize Big Data, interact with different data visualizations and take advantage of machine-learning based predictions regarding data transformations and analytics of interest. The platform aims to deliver transparency regarding the data in question, agility with respect to the user’s ability to interact with Big Data, predictive intelligence based on machine learning about the efficacy of user interactions with data and scalability marked by the ability to interact with large, heterogeneous datasets. As told to Cloud Computing Today by Trifacta CEO Joe Hellerstein, Trifacta customers can take advantage of the platform’s ability to cleanse and organize Big Data in conjunction with other enterprise software platforms such as SAS, for example. That said, Trifacta itself offers its own universe of tools for facilitating insights with respect to Big Data and, unlike many business intelligence or analytics platforms, is designed specifically for the purpose of transformatoin, data discovery and visualization of massive datasets. Today’s announcement about Trifacta’s Series C funding comes hot on the heels of a March 2014 partnership with Cloudera to jointly deliver the Trifacta Data Transformation platform in conjunction with Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution. To date, Trifacta has raised a total of approximately $45M in funding. Given partnerships such as Cloudera in hand, and $25M in Series C funding that comes roughly 6 months after its Series B capital raise of $12M, the industry should expect Trifacta’s traction amongst Big Data customers to skyrocket as news about its ability to transform Big Data into a usable form that accelerates the development of actionable business intelligence proliferates.

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BMC Hadoop Management Product Supports Hortonworks Data Platform

BMC Software and Hortonworks recently announced a partnership whereby BMC’s Control-M for Hadoop platform now supports the Hortonworks Data Platform. The BMC Control-M for Hadoop platform streamlines the creation of Big Data workflows, automates Hadoop batch processing and accelerates Hadoop integration into a pre-existing data infrastructure. The partnership between BMC Software and Hortonworks puts BMC’s weight squarely behind the Hortonworks Data Platform while concomitantly highlighting the Big Data management capabilities of the BMC Control-M for Hadoop data management platform. As such, the collaboration serves to extend adoption of the Hortonworks Hadoop distribution to BMC’s customers in addition to giving BMC the credibility associated with a technology partnership with one of the industry’s premier Hadoop vendors. Tuesday’s announcement underscores the rising fortunes of Hortonworks, which recently completed the acquisition of XA Secure with a view to delivering a comprehensive Hadoop security solution that it plans to open source in the latter half of 2014. Meanwhile, the BMC-Hortonworks partnership additionally emphasizes the emerging market for Big Data management platforms that simplify or streamline the development and management of Hadoop applications and datasets.

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MapR Reports Impressive Growth For Q1 2014 Amidst Fierce Competition From Hortonworks and Cloudera

Hadoop vendor MapR recently reported record growth marked by a threefold increase in Q1 2014 bookings as compared to Q1 2013. MapR’s announcement of impressive growth comes in conjunction with recent news of its integration with the HP Vertica platform, support for Apache Hadoop 2.x and YARN, as well as support for all five components of Apache Spark in its Hadoop distribution. MapR additionally noted that it now claims customers from the financial services, networking/computers, software, online/web, ad media, telecom and market research verticals that have spent more than $1M on MapR products, in addition to one customer that has generated over a billion dollars of revenue that can be attributed to the usage of MapR’s technology. The announcement of MapR’s impressive Q1 growth is particularly notable given the hefty capital raises finalized by competitors Hortonworks and Cloudera on the order of $100M and $900M respectively within the last two months. As the battle for Hadoop market share shakes out, MapR will also need to contend with the implications of the nascent partnership between Cloudera and NoSQL market leader MongoDB.

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